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About Bel Amour

Bel Amour Wedding Photography is Darina and Vince Redmond, a husband-wife team. We are two fun-loving adventurous individuals with a deep rooted passion for capturing people's emotions in any situation and setting. Thus - our love for weddings - the only time you are surrounded by beautiful, sincere feelings and precious moments happening non-stop during a single event. We feel honored to be part of the weddings we photograph and celebrate together with our couples!

Fun Facts About Us

* Business brought us to the mountains from the big city. So, every time we need a getaway, we always go back to the ... nearest big city. Chaos, people and tall buildings always get our creative juices flowing. Of course, let's not forget the beach. We consider Charleston our second home away from home.

* After years in journalism, Darina feels equally comfortable in front and behind the camera. Why is she choosing to be behind the camera? Hint: she gets better creative control.

* One of Vince's favorite childhood activities was playing with remote controlled model cars and planes. Fast forward to current day - he is FAA fully licensed drone pilot capturing stunning images. Yay to working and feeling like a child again!!!  

* Our photography business venture began in the mosh pits of various concerts. What did we gain from it? The ability to produce gorgeous images in a variety of light conditions, the strength to remain cool in any situation, and the agility to work a day-long event without feeling an ounce of burnout and being happy about it.


1. What equipment do you use? Do you have the capability to work in any kind of light situation?

             We use Canon 5D Mark III camera bodies and a variety of lenses that are designed to perform with excellence in any light situation. In addition to that, we have a variety of external lighting - from flashes to soft boxes and video lights to assure our images have a perfect balance of natural and ambient light. Our ability to blend natural light with artificial is further enhanced by our styles of photography. Both of us started with manual film cameras and to this day we use a few old tricks for better image control and create timeless photos you will enjoy.

2. Do you edit and retouch your images yourselves or do you use external services?

                Every image we produce is hand edited by us. We do not rely on generic presets or labs to post process our images - we have created our own presets, catered to our style of photography. We initially cull for quality and repetition, then correct for standard exposure, contrast and color. We don't just stop there. Each image is carefully retouched and edited for optimum print and display quality. At the end - a few winners get some of our "magic dust" and become works of art that you can display on your wall.


3. How many images do you give to your clients from a full day wedding and what is your turn time? 

               Every wedding is different and some are more dynamic than the others. With that in mind, we always guarantee a minimum amount of images currently set at 150. However, in reality our clients end up with 75 to 100 quality images per hour. The turn times vary by wedding as well, however, we do our best to deliver images to our client within maximum of 6 weeks. All our couples receive a highlights gallery of up to 150 images within 1 week of the wedding which they can share on social media with friends and family.

4. Do you give copyright to the images?

                   We grant printing and social media rights to our couples. The full copyright remains with Bel Amour Wedding Photography, however, we will consider selling it either in full, or as a shared option. We are open to discussion on both. The original RAW files are sole copyright of Bel Amour Wedding Photography and are never subject to sale or release to anyone.  

5. Do you have a list of wedding photos for your weddings? Can we give you our own?

                    Yes, at one time we used to carry a printout with specific sets of images to be photographed with each wedding. They say "practice makes perfect" and we could not agree more. The list is now permanently stored in our minds and has become a second nature with each wedding we photograph. That being said, we welcome any ideas you may have as long as we receive them prior to the wedding day. If you have any key people you want us to focus on, please be sure to let us know ahead of time so we do not miss anyone.  In short, you can rest assured that we will photograph every guest and detail of your wedding and will do our best not to miss a thing.

6. What advice can you give us for our wedding day?

                     Now that all the hard work is done and the Big Day is here - relax and have fun!!! Do not think about what you forgot, do not worry about things going astray - whatever is meant to happen will happen. Just enjoy yourselves - after all, this day is all about you. Laugh, celebrate and soak it all in and let your photos re-tell your story later!